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 Sawan Park


Known locally as Nong Som Boon, Sawan park is a haven in the centre of Nakhon Sawan. Without doubt itís the best place in town to exercise and a wide choice of sports can be enjoyed here.


Its a great place to relax and unwind. You can take a stroll, feed the fish or have a snooze in the shade of one of the trees around the lake.

Exercise to suit everyone

There is a 3.2km track around the lake in the centre of the park which is suitable for a brisk walk, a jog or a run.  and hundreds do exactly that every evening.

There are also badminton, volleyball, basketball, takraw, petanque and football (soccer) courts that are free to use.

Thereís a small Thai boxing gym, a weights area and many exercise machines.

Many locals are found following the current exercise crazes, whilst others enjoy the traditional and serene Tai-Chi.

Most activities are free and the locals are very inclusive so donít be shy if you are alone.


Relax or exercise for free in Nong Som Boon

Sawan Park Entrance sign

Whether you go to exercise or just relax, donít miss Sawan Park.

A bridge to the island, Sawan ParkEvening exercise in Sawan ParkPetanque player, Sawan ParkA decorative bridge in Sawan Park